Description of the project

Youth Clubs are open to youth from 12 to 17 years old. These teens come to the centre after school or in the evening. Trained staff arrange activities for the youngsters or prepare classes for the youngsters to improve certain skills. A volunteer would be a great help in the centre to support the staff with the volunteer’s own skills and interests.

By having a volunteer, the project wishes to give the teenagers an understanding of other cultures and countries at a young age.

Main activities

The teens have the chance to do a lot of different activities at the youth club. They may play sports, do craft-work, play computer games, play board games, play music, and hang out with their friends.
Many youth clubs also have different classes the youngsters can sign up for during the week.

Volunteer tasks

As a volunteer in a youth club your main task is spending time with the youth. Different activities are available for the youth and you are expected to take part in some of these activities.

If you play an instrument, have computer skills, play soccer, or have any other qualifications or skills, you will have the opportunity to arrange an activity for the young people.

Helping with homework might also be relevant in a youth club.

Activities based on your nationality and background will also be useful for the teens, as they benefit from knowing more about different cultures and countries.

When working at a youth club, you will have to work in the late afternoon and evening, as most club activities take place after school.
Some classes or activities may take place in the weekends. If you are required to participate in weekend activities, you will get another day off during the week.

Volunteer requirements/skills

To work in a Danish youth club it is important that the volunteer:

  • Is independent – take initiative and show interest in the young people
  • Enjoys working with teenagers
  • Is creative in the tasks
  • Is flexible and understanding in relation to the work place environment
  • Is flexible in relation to the work hours, as the working hours typically in the afternoon or evening – after school ends for the day

Host family.

This project description is in relation to the ICYE-programme. If you are interested in the European programme, the European Solidarity Corps (ESC), please see here.

This project at a glance

Age requirement


Danish (or English) skills required


Work with young children (aged 3-6)


Work with older children (aged 6-12)


Work with teenagers (aged 12-18)


Working outdoors


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