#wishIcouldgo is Dansk ICYE’s summer campaign 2014.

In Dansk ICYE we have so many dreams!
Dreams of places we wanna go.
Dreams of places we wanna go back to.
And dreams of places we wanna show our friends and family!

This summer we want everyone to share these dreams, and hopefully inspire others!


First we ask all of you: Where do you wish YOU could go?
#wishIcouldgo #danskicye

Next we ask all our beautiful exchangees here in Denmark: Where do you wish you could take your friends or family? – either here in Denmark or at home
#wishIcouldgo #withyou #danskicye

Then we ask all our former volunteers: Where do you wish you could go back to – just for a moment?
#wishIcouldgo #back #danskicye

The Voluteer Activist

The #wishIcouldgo” campaign is part of the worldwide ICYE Campaign “The Volunteer Activist”
Go to the website: “The Volunteer Activist” homepage to see what other ICYE organizations around the world are up to this summer