Description of the project

Solbjerg Plejehjem is a nursing home for elderly people of Aarhus Kommune – the municipality of Aarhus. Next to the nursing home there is a community center with a health center and a café and rooms for meetings and activities for citizens from the local area.
Solbjerg is situated 15 km south of Aarhus – Denmark’s second largest city. You can take the bus to Solbjerg (from downtown Aarhus) in about 35 minutes.
The volunteers will be a part of the daily routines in the nursing home and community center. They will participate and be involved in many different tasks and activities involving seniors and elderly citizens from supporting and running different activities and meetings to contributing to different initiatives targeting elderly. The activities are based on the wishes and needs of the elderly but also on the interest and abilities of the volunteer. The volunteer will also participate in many cultural events as for instance Christmas and Easter and arrangements for their co-workers. Also the volunteer will be asked to arrange one or two cultural events related to their country and cultural and own interests. Also helping out in the kitchen is very much appreciated.

Volunteer profile

  • highly motivated to work with elderly people
  • highly motivated to work within the field of health and care
  • social, outgoing, creative, empathetic
  • willing and ready to take initiative
  • highly motivated to learn Danish in order to be able over timer to talk to staff and residents
  • if you play an instrument or sing it is very much appreciated

Volunteering at the project

  • easy office tasks
  • working in the café
  • social activities, for instance card or board games, cooking, baking, or enjoying a meal together
  • physical activities, for instance gardening, walking, dancing and sports/fitness (active ageing)
  • musical activities for and with the elderly people, such as music and singing
  • creative activities for instance knitting/embroidery, painting, drawing, and ceramics
  • supporting or even planning and organizing different activities and projects for the elderly, e.x. “Wine Club”, “Men’s Night”, “Biking Without Age” or “Value Stock”
  • participating in excursions with the elderly outside the nursing home/local community center

The volunteers will either live in a shared apartment or with a host family.

Solbjerg Plejehjem Elmevangsvej 2, 8355 Solbjerg

PIC number: 912973216

Next volunteer period: 1st September 2020 – For 12 months
Deadline for application: 15 of July 2020
Number of volunteers: 1
Valid Age: not applicaple

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Send your application to [email protected]

Sonia ESC volunteer 2019/2020