Description of the project

In Denmark, education is mandatory for children between the ages of 6 to 16.

Bigger schools range from 0th grade (pre-school) to 9th grade. 10th grade is optional and will, in most places, be offered at a different educational centre.

Smaller schools may only have students from 0th to 6th grade, where the students from 7th to 9th grade have to attend a bigger school nearby.

The children attend the school every Monday through Friday where trained teachers and supplementary staff teach the children various subjects.
Before and after school, the younger children can attend an after school activity centre (SFO) while their parents are at work.

Main activities

Trained teachers lead the classes. Each teacher has their own main subjects to teach, which means, the students will be taught different classes by different teachers throughout the day. Each class will have a main teacher, the “klasselærer”, who teaches at least one main subject for the class and has a focus on the well-being of the students in that specific room.

The students have smaller breaks throughout the day and one bigger break during lunch.

Special classes, such as physics, chemistry, crafts, cooking, sports, and similar, may be taught in other rooms in the school, suitable for the needs of the subject, rather than in the students’ main room.

In many schools, sports classes take place outside during spring, summer, and autumn – typically late March until mid-October.

Volunteer tasks

As a volunteer, you will be supporting the teachers in the classrooms. You will not be teaching classes on your own, but supporting the class while the teacher leads the lesson.
Your presence will especially be valuable in English lessons, as the students can practice with you. You can also be helpful in sports classes, cooking classes, crafts classes, or as a general help during different projects in the classes.

The school may ask you to support the staff at the after school activity centre “SFO” and your tasks will be divided between the school and the SFO. Read more about SFO on page 6.

As a volunteer from another culture, you could also organise activities based on your country and language, e.g. teaching the students words and sentences in your mother tongue, serving traditional dishes, or playing games you know from home – if there is a relevant time to do so in relation to the lessons.

Volunteer requirements/skills

To work in a Danish school it is important that the volunteer:

  • Is independent- take initiative and show interest in the students
  • Enjoys working with smaller and older children
  • Is creative in the tasks
  • Is flexible and understanding in relation to the work place environment
  • Would like to live in a rural area or small town, as most of the projects are situated in such
Please note

Depending on the school and their needs, you may mainly be placed with the younger students. We cannot guarantee, that you will be helping the classes with the older students.


Host family.

This project description is in relation to the ICYE-programme. If you are interested in the European programme, the European Solidarity Corps (ESC), please see here.

This project at a glance

Age requirement


Danish (or English) skills required


Work with young children (aged 3-6)


Work with older children (aged 6-12)


Work with teenagers (aged 12-18)


Working outdoors

Isabella, USA, volunteer 2018
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A typical day for me at Stouby Skole looks pretty much like the one I had today. The morning was two English classes in the sixth grade, one of which I solo taught, and visiting the first graders and getting hugs during the break. Then it was making Mac and cheese with the six graders during their cooking class, and that was one that I led myself. Finally, it was spending two hours with the third graders in mathematics, one of the hours was personally tutoring two of the struggling students and the other one was helping the main teacher with the entire class. Throughout the day I have fun connecting with the students and my coworkers and getting hugs from the younger students. While it may not always be the most exciting work to do, I’m always happy to go to work! #icytovolunteer #icyedk #icyetakeover

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Kazuyo, Japan, volunteer 2019