Description of the project

The school is located in the little town of Ejstrupholm and the school is easily accessed by bus with links to the train both to Aarhus, the 2nd biggest city in Denmark, and Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark.

We currently have room for 134 students at our school with fairly equal balance between girls and boys and the students live and study at the school for one year only.

The students are living away from home for the best part of a year and are expected to participate in a small community, where teamwork is very important considering that the students live, work, clean and eat together at the school. Any volunteer would be expected to also play a vital role in this community and quickly develop a personal, yet professional relationship to the students.

Volunteer profile

  • over the age of 22
  • out-going, sociable and has a sense of humor
  • interested in sports, outdoor life, music or arts
  • interest in learning our teaching methods and school system

Volunteering at the project

  • volunteers will have teacher status at the school and as such will carry out the same duties as the other members of staff
    • morning, evening and weekend duties
    • arranging extra curricular activities for the students
    • assisting in the teaching of language and creative lessons
  • volunteers have two contact teachers throughout the year, who are responsible for their well-being, timetable planning and general day to day needs
  • volunteers will live at the “efterskole”

Midtjysk Efterskole
Vestergade 50, 7361 Ejstrupholm
Instagram: @midtjyskefterskole

PIC number: 944428279
EI reference number: 2012-DK-18

Next volunteer preiod:
Deadline for application:
Number of volunteers: 1
Valid Age: 22+

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Send your application to [email protected]

Midtjysk Efterskole

Follow 4 volunteers as they take you through a day of a volunteer at Rejsby, Kongenshus and Midtjydsk Efterskole.