It only costs 75 DKK per calendar-year to be a member of Dansk ICYE.
As a member you have the opportunity to travel on one of our volunteer-programmes and you have the opportunity to be an active volunteer in Denmark through one of our committees or in one of our local associations. You can also choose to be a member if you simply want to support a Danish youth organisation that works with exchange between Danish youth and other cultures as well as foreign youth and the Danish culture.

Become a member of Dansk ICYE by filling out the following form.

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You have two options for paying for your membership. You can transfer the fee to our bank account or sign up for Betalingsservice. If you pay with a foreign bank account, be aware of fees. For your membership payment to be valid, we need to receive the total amount. Your membership is not valid until we have received 75 DKK.
If you use a Danish account, you transfer to our account: Reg. 3629 account: 3629125086.
If you use a foreign account, our IBAN is: DK55 3000 3629 4771 95.

You can also sign up for Betalingsservice (optional). You can sign up for this automatic payment service with your Danish CPR number and Danish bank account for automatic payment of your membership every year. Fill in the information below, if you want Betalingsservice.


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The information will be sent to Dansk ICYE. You will not be a member until we have registered your payment of membership (75 DKK.) (and fee for applying if applicable: 25 DKK.)

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Betalingsservice, the automatic payment system

Why is it an advantage to be signed up for Betalingsservice?
The advantage to sign up is that you are certain your membership fee is paid on time – even if you are abroad. You also save yourself the trouble of receiving the bill in the mail and taking your time paying it. You also save Dansk ICYE the expenses for sending you your bill.

How do I sign up?
You sign up by registering to Betalingsservice in your bank or on your internet banking – or by filling out the form above. Have you signed up before the 20th of the month the bill will be paid the 1st of the following month. Have you signed up after the 20th of the month, your payment wont go through until a bit over a month after.

What happens to my information?
Dansk ICYE does not keep your account- or CPR-information, but passes them on to Nets, who establishes the reoccuring payment. After this the information is no longer available.
Note that you can only sign up for Betalingsservice with your own payment information.

Terms and conditions

See the terms and conditions for when you become a member of Dansk ICYE through the website. Read more...

Payment conditions

Registration of informaion
Dansk ICYE registers your information in connection to the membership. The information is not given to any other parties, but Dansk ICYE only saves the information for five years as a part of our accounting.

No right of cancellation.
By paying the membership of 75 DKK you have no right of cancellation. The same applies to paying the application fee of 25 DKK.

Cancellation of membership
You can cancel your membership at any time. You do not have the option of getting a refund of your money. You cancel your membership by contacting Dansk ICYE on mail at [email protected] or phone number at +45 86 18 07 15, where you inform us of your name and membership number, if possible.

Automatic payments

Subscription terms for Betalingsservice
If you have signed up for Betalingsservice with us, you accept that Dansk ICYE will automatically receive your payment of membership through PBS until you cancel your membership with Dansk ICYE. When you sign up you can choose to pay through Betalingsservice.

No later than 8 days before we receive your payment of 75 DKK through Betalingsservice you will receive a message in your e-boks. You will also receive a receipt in your e-boks once the money has been transferred.

You can cancel your use of Betalingsservice to pay for you membership at Dansk ICYE by contacting Dansk ICYE at [email protected] or phonenumber +45 86 18 07 15

Claims and service

Register a claim
If you have any claims or complaints in regard to your sign up or payment of membership, contact Dansk ICYE on the following address or phone number:

Dansk ICYE
Klosterport 4X, 3. sal
8000 Århus C
CVR Nr.: 7586 7328
Telefon: 8618 0715
E-mail: [email protected]

Responsibility and service
Dansk ICYE cannot guarantee that the website will be free of error and functioning at all times.

Your membership is worth more than you may think!

For every young person under the age of 30 who is a member of Dansk ICYE, we receive funds from Dansk Ungdoms Fællesråd. That means, that your memberships helps to secure exchange between young, Danish people and young people from all over the world. The exchange can help create understanding for human values across cultures as well as break down cultural barriers. Both things are small steps towards creating peace on Earth.

Why become a member?

Whether you are a young person wanting to travel through our programmes, a family who wants to open up their home for a volunteer, or a volunteer seeking challenges and a great social network, Dansk ICYE is a good place to start.

You may already have looked at our website and seen the possibilities within the different categories, but even if you’re not interested in joining Dansk ICYE’s activities we still appreciate your membership.
Our passive members are an important source to spreading the knowledge of Dansk ICYE and our activities while it also gives you the opportunity to stay up to date on the possibilities in the organisation, for instance through our weekly newsletter, INTERNUS. We can’t rule out, that you one day might find the perfect training in conflict resolution in Ghana or want to participate in the Christmas party.

Apart from the possibility of traveling on one of our programmes, as a member of Dansk ICYE you also get the option of making competence-building volunteer work in this organisation. At the same time you have the opportunity to build a personal and professional network to other young people with the same interests and you.

When you become a member of Dansk ICYE you automatically become a member of a local association, who arranges various social activities throughout the year where people on exchange in Denmark participate alongside Danish volunteers in the organisation and host families. The activities gives you a chance to share your experiences and hear about other people’s experiences with travelling abroad, being a host family, or simply being a part of Dansk ICYE.

You also get to participate in the yearly general election where you have one vote. This is where the organisation’s yearly work and structure is planned.