Description of the project

Løgstør Tilbuddene is the permanent home for 54 intellectual disabled persons between 18 and 80 years.

The resident lives in two different places in the city of Løgstør:
Bøgevej: Here lives 36 residents in 6 different houses. Every resident have their own apartment. The location is a 10 minutes walk away from the centre of Løgstør.
Købmagergade: Here lives 18 residents. The location is in the centre of Løgstør and is located close to the harbour.

We are 65 social workers and an administrative staff at Løgstør Tilbuddene.
We provide the necessary help around the clock, and ensure proper diet, hygiene and other necessities of life.
Our desire is to ensure The Good Life for each resident. We have an appreciative approach, and consider each individual as unique, and therefore always are entitled to be treated with respect and dignity.

During the day, many of the residents are on a safe, disability-friendly environment in protective workshop on BV Vesthimmerland.
The residents, who are not in protective workshop, are offered activities and company in the homes. Here ensure social staff, that the residents will have a fruitful lives.

Løgstør is located in the beautiful banks of Limfjorden. The environment is very influenced by the fjord and the town is an old fishing town. Today the fishing trade has declined and it is now smaller industries and companies doing different kinds of services but in the summertime, Løgstør is full of tourists, many sailboats and visitors are coming due to the lovely seaside.

There is a close relationship with the BV Vesthimmerland project and the volunteers will see each other regularly as well as live in the same flat.

Volunteer profile

  • over the age of 22
  • willing to be part of a learning community for disabled people
  • willing to learn from the normal staff
  • great interest in people with disabilities
  • willing to put in their skills and efforts in the daily life with the residents

Volunteering at the project

  • the volunteer will be part of the staff of Løgstør Tilbudene
  • the volunteer will work closely with one of the socialworkers
  • the volunteer will be involved in the social life of the residents – go to the cinema, go shopping, go to the café, go on trips ect.
  • the volunteer will be involved in helping the residents to get as independent as possible
  • the volunteer must help to develop ideas for content-rich activities
  • the volunteer will be involved in the necessary help around the clock, and ensure proper diet and other necessities of life.
  • the volunteer may be involved in personal care
  • the volunteer will be living in a flat with other volunteers from nearby projects

Løgstør Tilbuddene
Bøgevej 3-5, 9670 Løgstør

Next volunteer period: N/A
Deadline for application: N/A
Number of volunteers: N/A

PIC number: N/A

Send your application to [email protected]