Description of the project

Limfjordsskolen is a residential school for young disabled people between 17 and 20 years of age. The school offers a specially designed education based on the students individual competences and challenges and this education is given to all young people who cannot complete a normal youth education even with extra assistance and adapted curriculum.

At Limfjordsskolen we have 42 students, 11 teachers and 25 social workers and each student has a room of their own and lives in family groups of up till 13 other students. The young people who all have severe learning difficulties stay at the school for up till 3 years and come from all over the Northern part of Denmark.

The main purpose of the school is to equip and strengthen the students in becoming as independent and active in their own life as possible, and in spite of their handicap be an active citizen in the local community.

Limfjordsskolen is located in the town of Logstor which is beautifully situated at the banks of Limfjorden. The environment is very influenced by the fjord and the town is an old fishing town. Today the fishing trade has declined and it is now smaller industries and companies doing different kinds of services but in the summertime, Logstor is full of tourists, many sailboats and visitors are coming due to the lovely seaside.

Volunteer profile
  • over the age of 22
  • willing to be part of a learning community for disabled young people
  • willing to put in their skills and efforts in the daily life with them
  • ready to learn from the staff
Volunteering at the project
  • the main purpose of the school is to equip and strengthen the students in becoming as independent and active in their own life as possible
  • in addition to the basic curriculum the student can choose from different areas of interest; Nature, sport and health, art, music.
  • the school also has a protected workshop where 10 adults with severe learning difficulties works with arts, theatre, cooking and maintenance work
  • the volunteer will be involved in the social life of the students – play games, go to the cinema, go shopping, go to the café, go on trips and tours

Granlyvej 11-13, 9670 Løgstør

Next volunteer period: 1st September 2021 – 30th June 2022
Deadline for application: 1st of March 2021
Number of volunteers: 2
Valid Age: 22+

PIC number: 944414117
EI reference number: 2013-DK-10

Send your application to [email protected]

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