Description of the project

In Denmark, most families make use of kindergartens for their children between the age of 3 to 6.

The children attend the kindergarten every Monday through Friday where trained staff take care of the children during the day.

A volunteer is a great help in a Danish kindergarten as extra help for the staff and the children. The volunteer’s presence will help make the children aware of other cultures and countries at a young age.

Main activities

Taking care of children is the main task in a kindergarten. Staff spend time with the children during the day, engaging them in different activities and making sure their needs are taken care of. Sometimes the staff merely supervise the children while the children play on their own.

Some activities take place inside the kindergarten house, but the children will also have to spend time outside every day. This is both the case when the sun is shining, but also when it is raining or snowing.
The staff of the kindergarten, including the volunteer, will accompany the children outside – also in rainy and cold weather.

Volunteer tasks

The volunteer’s biggest task will be to interact with the children. This could be done through colouring and painting, singing, storytelling, reading stories aloud, and other creative activities.
Outdoor activities is a big part of most kindergartens, such as playing ball games, playing hide and seek, being in the sandbox, running around the playground, or other activities.

As a volunteer from another culture you can also organise activities based on your country and language, e.g. teaching the older kids to count to ten in your mother tongue, serving traditional dishes, or playing games you know from home.

During the day you may help prepare fruit or other snacks for the children, help a child get dressed for the weather outside by helping them get into their raincoat, rain trousers, and rain boots, help to comfort an upset child, supervise the children who are playing or participate in the games yourself.

Be aware, that due to the many hours children and staff spend outside, it is important for you to bring/buy warm clothes and rainproof jackets and shoes. This is your own responsibility.

Volunteer requirements/skills

To work in a Danish kindergarten it is important that the volunteer:

  • Is independent – take initiative and show interest in the children
  • Enjoys working with smaller children
  • Is creative in their work with children
  • Enjoys being outdoors
  • Would like to live in a rural area or small town, as most of the projects are situated in such.

Host family.

This project is for the ICYE-programme. If you are interested in the European funded programme, the European Solidarity Corps (ESC), please see here.

This project at a glance

Age requirement


Danish (or English) skills required


Work with young children (aged 3-6)


Work with older children (aged 6-12)


Work with teenagers (aged 12-18)


Working outdoors

Lydia, Uganda, volunteer 2011

Chihiro, Japan, volunteer 2018