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We ask the volunteers/participants to make sure their travel is compatible with the most recent recommendations of health authorities with regards to the spread of the Corona virus COVID-19. In case you are travelling from or recently travelled through a higher risk area, please check the health recommendations of the country you are travelling to, as restrictions may apply (e.g. travel ban, quarantine, isolation). We will take the necessary health precautions for our projects, host families, and volunteers, but please contact your sending organization to get more information in case you have any concerns.
Erklæring om Coronavirus
Vi beder frivillige/deltagere sørge for, at deres rejser stemmer overens med de opdaterede anbefalinger fra myndighederne i forbindelse med spredningen af Coronavirus COVID-19. Rejser du fra eller igennem et højrisiko-område bør du undersøge sundhedsanbefalingerne for det land du rejser til, da nogle restriktioner kan forekomme (f.eks. rejseforbud, karantæne, isolation). Vi tager de nødvendige forholdsregler på vegne af vores projekter, værtsfamilier og volontører, og vi anbefaler, at du kontakter din sendeorganisation for mere information, hvis du har bekymringer.
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ONLINE: Ladies Quiz

25. maj @ 20:00 - 21:00

What’s up everybody!? 👋

We are sadly to inform that we are going to postpone the Ladywalk you all have been excited to attend (especially the ladies 👠), which was supposed to happen next week.

However, to pay attention to this event and let you finally use all the knowledge you got while being bored and staying home, we are organizing a LADIES’ QUIZ! 🤩👏

This event is open for everybody but with special attention for ladylike things 💄👛

Do you know what B.H. stands for and what Bikini was named after? 🤔👙
If you know or feel like you have the right answer, then we would love you to show off your knowledge in this quiz and you might even win a prize 🎁

On Monday the 25th of May, click a bit before 8pm on this link:
👉 👈 and let’s have a great evening there!

We are looking forward to seeing you!


25. maj
20:00 - 21:00


Dansk ICYE – Lokalforening Fyn


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