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Odense: General Assembly for the Local Branch of Fyn 2019

13. februar @ 17:30 - 21:30


It’s is finally time for a new general assembly! You know what they say! New year, new board… no?

This year, the assembly will take place at our chairman’s place, the 13th of February 2019. The address is: Reventlowsvej 74, st. th., 5000 Odense C. (St. th. = ground floor, to the right).

The general assembly is one of our most important events of the year. This is the meeting where old board members will either continue or stop but also, new members will be voted it. In addition, we will talk about our vision for the year and what kind of events we will like to arrange. This year our plan is to do a wide variety of events!

The meeting will start at 5.30 pm and hopefully end around 9 pm but we never really know.
These are some of the things that will happen:

– New members will be chosen
– The chairman will make a statement about the previous year
– The cashier will present a report
– Discussion of events for 2019
– Any changes for our regulations?
– What was good about 2018? What was bad? How can we do better?
– Other necessary discussions

We also have loads of fun on this meeting, so if you would like to come and have a listen or to voice some of your opinions, you are more than welcome to join! Everyone is welcome! It’s not just for board members.

There will be loads of snacks and drinks! ♥

You need to sign up for the assembly here

The Local Branch of Fyn will pay for transportation back and forth to Ungdomhuset to its members. If you are part of Dansk ICYE and part of The Local Branch of Fyn, we will pay for your transportation.

See you there!


13. februar
17:30 - 21:30


Dansk ICYE – Lokalforening Fyn


Reventlowsvej 74,
Odense C, 5000
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