Learn how to make gækkebreve online with us!

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Learn how to make gækkebreve online with us!

16. marts 2021 @ 19:00 20:00

Learn about the Danish tradition ‘gækkebreve’ and make one yourself! We are going to hear how you celebrate Easter in your home country or if your family have any special Easter traditions.


When Easter is approaching, Danish children and adults make and send out Gækkebreve.

Traditionally these small letters always included a Vintergæk (Snowdrop/Galanthus) which is where the name stems from. It’s meant to be a letter to ‘tease’ (at drive gæk med) someone by making them guess who sent it.

We will make them together, add small poems (Hopefully also some english ones) so you can send it or give it before Easter.

Link to event will be send out closer to the event.

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