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Kerteminde: Come and celebreate fastelavn with us!

23. februar @ 14:00 - 18:00

Have you ever heard about the Danish carnival “fastelavn”?
It is a carnival celebrated by a lot of Northern European countries and is, in Denmark, nowadays seen as a tradition where children get dressed up in costumes, walks from door to door to gather treats and in the end, hit a barrel to get sweets. To compare it to other cultures, you could say, that it’s somewhat similar to Halloween and hitting a piñata.

Tove and Jørgen, a married couple that has been a member of The Local Branch of Fyn for a lot of years, have invited all of us to celebrate fastelavn!

The program for the day is to hit the barrel (and get sweets – the most important thing, right?), eat fastelavnsboller, drink hot chocolate and just have a great time.

It’s a bit hard to get to Tove and Jørgen’s place, so we will specify how to get to their house.
If you are coming by car, it will be easy. Just show up at Hundslevvej 123, 5300 Kerteminde, Danmark at 2 pm.

If you are coming with public transportation, we will all leave together. We will take the train from Odense Station at 13.21 and arrive at Langeskov Station at 13.29.
If you are not coming from Odense Station, please try and arrive around this time. Please let us know what your plans are,
Tove and Jørgen will come and pick us up at Langeskov Station in their car.

As always, The Local Branch of Fyn will cover transportation for its members. You need to be a member of Dansk ICYE and of our branch.

If you want to participate, please sign up here, so we know how much food to make.

See you soon!


23. februar
14:00 - 18:00


Dansk ICYE – Lokalforening Fyn


Hos Tove og Jørgen
Hundslevvej 123
Kerteminde, 5300
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