Heartfulness Meditation

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Life is about choices. Some we are proud of, some we regret, some will haunt us forever and some we will cherish forever. And today you can choose to meditate. Meditation brings the best in us. Meditation brings compassion, love and unity. Imagine a world where everyone meditates. Where everyone truly cares for each other. Where we all aspire for a better future. Looking at the world we are living in, now is the time, more than ever to meditate. If not now, when?

Heartfulness is an approach to life, the world around us, and to our Self.

Join this session, where you learn the meditation technique and tries a guided relaxation and meditation with yogic transmission that eases and deepens the experience.

WARNING – Side effects
Science confirms that regular meditation leads to; improved quality of life, less stress, better sleep, stimulating the immune system & greater concentration.

Everyone is welcome to the event.

The event is organized by Heartfulness Meditation Danmark and Dansk ICYE Lokalforening Midtjylland.
Dansk ICYE covers transport for members of Dansk ICYE living in Midtjylland, but further away than 20 km from Aarhus. If you are not already a member, you can sign up for 75 kr. at: https://www.icye.dk/bliv-medlem/

We look forward to seeing you!

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