Event Group Meeting in Odense

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Are you thinking; it could be great to be a member of the ICYE Local Association on Fyn, but what do they actually do, and what can I do for them? Or do you have some great ideas for activities?

Then this is your chance to give your thoughts and ideas!

Thursday the 5th of September will be our very first meeting of the Eventgroup. This is an open space, where everyone can say what they’d like about our activities, tell about a great idea, take responsibility for organising an activity, or just mention a great idea during brainstorm and then say, you can organize it for me. Because we would love to.

As this is the first meeting, and there are some new faces both in the board and in the organisation during the summer, we’ll kick it off with a short talk about what ICYE does, and what especially we on Fyn are good at. Of course, this will include something to eat and hygge while we brainstorm for activities 🙂
Would you like to join? Then please fill out this sign up sheet

The meeting will take place at Ungdomshuset, 4th floor to the left, Nørregade 60, 5000 Odense. We will start at 16:00, but if you can join later, you are still very much welcome to.

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