Aalborg: Movie night – The History of Denmark

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Dear everybody!

Happy new year! We hope you all had a great time during the holidays and are ready for the first event in 2020. This time, we are inviting you to a movie night where you will be presented for a little history lesson watching “Historien om Danmark”.

Historien om Danmark is a dramatized documentary tv series in 10 episodes distributed over two seasons, covering Denmark’s history from the stone age until the cold war. When first screened in 2017 it received great popularity within a broad audience, and since won a couple of prizes as well.

This day we will watch episode 3 about the Vikings to learn a little bit about the history of the country (or, for the Danish people, refresh the memory again..) and afterwards discuss how our different histories is intertwined. If we all like it, we can probably watch another episode.

We hope to see many of you for a hyggelig movie night!


Participation in the event is free for all members of Dansk ICYE but transportation is only covered for members and exchangees (ICYE; EVS) of Nordjylland (Northern Jutland).

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