Description of the project

The project, Hertha, is a living community for mentally handicapped situated in a small village, Herskind, consisting of with families and singles, who integrate themselves into the lives and rhythm of the handicapped. It is integration, where normal people integrate into the lives of handicapped.
The living community consists of 2 houses with 19 mentally handicapped residents. The residents have different psychological and mental restrictions and some of them are also physically impaired, but all of them are able to walk. The level of function varies from nearly “normal” to few without any verbal language. Most are aged 18-30 years, but few are older.
In the village there are different workshops which are used in the project: Bakery, biodynamic market garden, biodynamic farm, dairy, weave shed, kitchen and laundry where the mentally handicapped work. In the workshops we produce products spent by the residents in the village and furthermore the bakery and dairy produce products to be sold in ecological shops to kindergartens and other institutions in the area.

Volunteer profile

  • non-smoker
  • punctual – the volunteer must show up on time to the agreed activities
  • tolerant, open, extrovert who can take part in our daily life with a positive attitude
  • calm personality, flexible and accepting of adjustments to plans since changes can occur with short warning

Volunteering at the project

  • the volunteer will live at the project
  • Herskind is a small but quite vivid community, there is a small grocery, a community house where cultural and social events are celebrated, a sports club, were they play soccer, handball and badminton and where the volunteer can join the activities.
  • the pedagogy at the project uses the Rudolf Steiner principles – these will not be taught explicitly, but are practised
  • supervision and instructions will be provided by pedagogues specialised in working with mentally handicapped
  • the main activity for the volunteer will be to support the disabled in the workshops according to interests and specific knowledge and experiences. The volunteer will support in the bakery and kitchen.
  • if the volunteer has a driving license, he/she will be in charge of being a chauffeur to different activities
  • being able to play an instrument would be relevant, but not essential
  • volunteers will only work with the less disabled and challenging disabled

Hertha Levefællesskab
Landsbyvænget 14, 8464 Galten

PIC number: 944757982
EI reference number: 2013-DK-28

Next volunteer period: 1st of August 2020 until 31st of July 2021
Deadline for application: 5th of January 2020.
Number of volunteers: 2

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Send your application to [email protected]

ESC at Hertha

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