Description of the project

The school is located in Fyn, an island in the middle of Denmark. Any other part of the country is within easy reach by public transport.

The efterskole is a unique Danish independent residential school for students between 14 and 18 years. It is a private boarding school with government grants that provides secondary school education for young people.The parents pay a fee in order to send their child to this private school. Some families receive government funding depending on their financial status, which means that the students come from a variety of different families.

This type of school deals with both the educational and personal development of the students.
It embraces a common educational focus on enlightenment for life, general education and democratic citizenship.

The Efterskole has substantial freedom in terms of eg. choice of subjects, teaching methods and educational approach. These vary in accordance with the school’s political, religious or pedagogical orientation. Each efterskole chooses its own profile and core values on which it will focus its teaching and all other activities during a schoolyear.

Volunteer profile

  • over the age of 22
  • will be involved for most of the school year from August until end of June
  • it would be considered a strong advantage if a candidate shares the students’ interest in sports and practices sports themselves
  • motivated, enthusiastic and adaptable
  • previous experience with teaching, a passion for foreign languages, and a profound interest in cultures is highly recommended

Volunteering at the school

  • tasks depend on experience, skills and interests of the volunteer
  • the volunteer’s timetable will allow them to use all of their skills within language, sports, creative and social skills etc.
  • the volunteer will live at the school
  • the school specializes in sports (“idræt” is the Danish word for sports), which means that all the students participate in either football, handball, badminton, fitness, dance, adventurerace or volleyball each week. Futhermore the school has a wide range of additional sports classes offered mainly for our students in 10th grade.
  • volunteers will be offered the same learning possibilities as a regular teacher trainee in terms of didactics and pedagogics
  • volunteers will be provided with constant support and advice
  • as an “efterskole” the school is practically open 24/7. This means staff on duty during evenings and weekends. Duties will never exceed the maximum allowed hours


  • candidates for the volunteering position will be interviewed in person or via Skype – the interview will take place in English

Glamsdalens Idrætsefterskole
Langbygårdsvej 14, 5620 Glamsbjerg

Next volunteer period: N/A
Deadline for application: N/A
Number of volunteers: N/A
Valid Age: 22+

PIC number: 921722907

Send your application to [email protected]

Video: Maxime and Javier (2016/2017)