Description of the project

Fjord&Bælt is a combined research and experience centre which communicates knowledge about marine life in the waters of Denmark. Fjord&Bælt is one of the few places in the world where it is possible to get close to marine animal life. At Fjord&Bælt we have a daily routines of training and feeding our three porpoises – Eigil, Freja and Sif – and our playful seals – Svante, Tulle and Naja. The animals live and swim in true-to-nature basins continuously supplied with fresh seawater from the fjord and strait. The centre is visited by aproximatly 60-55,000 guests each year.

Fjord&Bælt have approximately 12 full-time employees year round, not including the many interns, volunteers and part-time staff. The Research department consists of a team composed of a Danish department leader and two Swedish trainers. Danish and foreign interns and volunteers assist in all the daily tasks, such as observing, training, feeding and playing with the porpoises and seals.

We at Fjord og bælt have always had interns and volunteers from all over the world and think it is a nice way for people to learn about research, education, animal husbandry and training. We also think it is an important part of our work to give this opportunity for people who are interested. Other than this, we think that it is interesting to work with people from different cultures, both to teach them about our culture but also to learn about theirs. Additionally, we also make an effort to have a social life with interns and volunteers outside of work.

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Margrethes Plads 1, 5300 Kerteminde
Instagram: @fjordogbaelt

PIC number: 943848413 / 943841720
EI reference number: 2013-DK-24

Next volunteer period:
1) 1 August 2018 – 31 July 2019
2) 1 September 2018 – 31 August 2019
Deadline for application: 14 January 2018
Number of volunteers: 2

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