Description of the Project

In 2018 the city of Aarhus was announced European Volunteer Capital by the organization CEV – the European Volunteer Centre. In relation to the year as Volunteer Capital Aarhus hosted several European volunteers with great success.

One of the many outcomes of the year as European Volunteer Capital was the volunteering festival called ‘Folkets Møde’, where some of our volunteers contributed.

The volunteering festival was a celebration and recognition of the hard work that volunteers do every day all around us in our community. You can read this article written by one of our European volunteers regarding Folkets Møde.

As a part of the legacy from European Volunteer Capital 2018, the city of Aarhus has decided to host a new Folkets Møde in the end of 2019. This will be the main project assigned to the European volunteers – to be a part of the organizing team arranging Folkets Møde 2019 and to develop an international track for the program.

The volunteer festival office is a very small office with 4-5 people working on facilitation and marketing of the projects going on during the year. We are located at the City Hall of Aarhus as a part of the health department in the Municipality of Aarhus.
Besides the other members of the office, the volunteers will cooperate with a wide varity of organizations and volunteers from the city of Aarhus.

Tasks of the volunteer

  • take part in the office arranging Folkets Møde 2019 and contribute to the planning and coordination of the festival.
  • Take part in developing international program of the volunteer festival
  • Help to build on the experiences of the volunteering festival – for example by developing new cooperations on volunteering with an international perspective.

Learning outcomes
By taking part in the planning, coordination and running of the volunteer festival the volunteers will learn a lot about volunteering in Denmark, about how it is to be a part of a team that arranges a large event and all the responsibilities and tasks that follows.
Also, the volunteers will learn a lot about Danish culture from talking to a lot of different people in order to motivate them to contribute to the festival.


Sekretariatet for Frivillighovedstaden, 8000 Aarhus

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Next volunteer period: N/A
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