Friday 6th to Sunday 8th May 2022

At the camp, new volunteers will be prepared for their upcoming journey, returned volunteers will share their experiences, and foreign volunteers can meet other, both Danish and foreign, volunteers.

During the course of the weekend we will talk about cultural shock, intercultural understanding, and other practical information. The weekend also allows for networking and getting to know other volunteers of like mind.

The camp starts in Gadsbølle on Fyn at 7PM on Friday 6th May and ends at 2PM on Sunday.

Signing up

Sign up ESC volunteers
Sign up ICYE volunteers


Mid-term (ICYE volunteers)
End-of-year (ICYE volunteers)
Preperation (ICYE and STePs from Denmark)

The venue

Gadsbøllevej 100,
5492 Vissenbjerg

What do I need to bring?

  • Sleeping bag or duvet with covers
  • A sheet
  • A pillow (if necessary for you)
  • A jacket, footwear, and clothes to outdoor purposes
  • Toiletries (including a towel)
  • Money, preferably coins, if you wish to purchase a soda or beer. It is not allowed to bring your own beverages. It is possible to use MobilePay but not credit cards
  • Something to write on/with – a computer or tablet if possible
  • A lunch box – to bring back leftovers and reduce the amount of packaging, if you wish to bring home leftovers on Sunday


Your expenses for transportation to and from the camp will be refunded. We recommend you to buy an Orange ticket or Orange Free ticket, if you go by train. Other types of discount options are also encouraged.

It is also possible to see if you can catch a ride with someone driving to the camp or fill up the car if you are driving yourself. If you are driving, you can only get gas money, if you live more than 70 km from the venue. Here you need to add a map of your journey (e.g. from Krak og Google Map) to document your route. The number for kilometres should be clearly visible and show where you journey starts to the destination at the camp.

There will be a bus from Fredericia and Odense train stations to the venue. Arrive early at the pickup point!

Your expenses for travelling to the camp will be reimbursed. Dansk ICYE will cover your costs up to what a standard ticket will cost on the same journey. This also includes what you can get refunded for driving by car. Please see the reimbursement conditions further down the page.

Please note, Dansk ICYE will only cover your transportation if you particiapte in the full programme or stay for at least two nights unless you have another agreement with the Dansk ICYE office before the camp starts.

The buses


A bus will be arranged to pick up camp participants from Odense Station at the packing lot on Dannebrogsgade behind the Railway Museum.

Going to the camp

The bus leaves Odense Station at 6.20 pm on Friday 6th May.
Be there early!

Returning to the train station

The bus will leave the camp at 2 pm on Sunday 8th May.
You will be back at Odense Station before 3 pm.


The bus will be picking up participants for the camp on the parking lot by exit West (Udgang Vest). This is the OPPOSITE exit from the public buses.

Going to the camp

The bus leaves Fredericia Station at 6.20 pm on Friday 6th May.
Be there early!

Returning to the train station

The bus will leave the camp at 2 pm on Sunday 8th May.
You will be back at Fredericia Station before 3 pm.

Other modes of transport

By car

If you’re driving to the camp, you can get money for the mileage.

You get 1.50 DKK per kilometre, if you live more than 70 kilometres from the nearest pickup point (Fredericia Station or Odense Station).

You are very welcome to offer a ride to other people who are going to the camp. You will get 50 DKK per person each way on top of the mileage. You need to pick them up more than 70 kilometres from the nearest pickup points for this to apply.

In your refund description you need to write who you picked up and where. Going home Sunday, you need to write who got a ride and where you dropped them off.


Rules for reimbursement

  • Seat reservations will only be reimbursed if your time in one of the trains lasts more than two hours
  • For physical tickets you take a picture of the ticket for the reimbursement
  • For digital tickets you take a screenshot for the reimbursement
  • If you drive yourself, you can only get gas money if you live more than 70 km from the venue
  • For public transportation and for driving yourself, you will reimbursed up to the amount a standard ticket would cost on that route
  • Pictures must be turned the right way around in the reimbursement form (not on the side or upside down)
  • The pictures must be inserted from page 2 and onwards in the reimbursement form

Through the link below you will find the reimbursement form (refusionsblanket) to get your refund.
Remember to attach your documentation (pictures of tickets) in the refund file before you send it to the office.

Google Docs

Mark your calendar!

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