Description of the Project

Præstø Privatskole is a private independent school receiving government subsidy, located in Præstø 1 hour drive south from Copenhagen. We are located 100m from a fjord a few kilometers from the Baltic Sea. Only 12 minutes by bus to the train station. Præstø is surrounded by a very beautiful landscape.

The School has one class on every grade level, from pre-school class (5-6 years old) to the 9th grade (15-16 years-old). There are 200 pupils and 14 teachers, 5 pedagogues, TAP staff and one headmaster. most of the pupils live locally. The school is run as a private independent school for primary and lower secondary education under the Danish Act on Private Independent Schools (Friskoleloven). We are still a new school, searching for and developing our international profile, combined with a strong academic profile.

All our pupils are taught English (from 1st grade) and German and French (from 5th grade). We put great emphasis on language acquisition and learning foreign languages at as an early age as possible. We encourage our pupils to study and travel in other European countries.
Our staff are open-minded and well-prepared to work side by side with volunteers.

Two different forms of main activities are possible

  • A: The volunteer will engage in teaching as an assistant teacher in different subjects, languages, science and creative skills. The volunteer will assist small groups of pupils, encouraging them to speak English in order to improve their oral English skills. If the volunteer wishes he/she will be able to conduct some teaching on his/her own.
    As for sciences, the volunteer will participate in teaching natural sciences/biology depending on background and interests. This
    involves assisting the teacher with small groups of pupils and being responsible for teaching the whole class if desired.
  • B: The volunteer will be placed in our after-school programme, where he/she will organize leisure activities for the pupils. We especially focus on activities that emphasise and develop the children’s social skills, fantasy and creativity. The volunteer can join in activities planned by others, but will get a chance to plan activities on his/her own. A possible activity could be cooking with and for the children. Once a week, we go on small trips with the pupils to the forest and playgrounds in the nature

Volunteering at the Project

  • The activities will vary according to the volunteers background and experience. Depending on their qualifications the volunteers can engage in our music/cultural activities, such as theater, concerts and a music festival
  • The volunteer will live with a host family in the area
  • No smoking or alcohol is allowed in the school
  • A bicycle will be provided, though public transport operates efficiently

Præstø Privatskole
Klosternakken 4, 4720 Præstø

PIC number: 912401886

Next volunteer period: N/A
Deadline for application: N/A
Number of volunteers: N/A