Description of the Project

The Marine Biological Research Centre in Kerteminde is part of the Department of Biology, University of Southern Denmark. Kerteminde is on the island Fyn, an island in the middle of Denmark. Any other part of the country is within easy reach by public transport.

The centre is internationally known and focuses on all aspects of marine research, both in the field and in the lab. The center has projects with focus on sponges, jellyfish, blue mussels and other filter feeding animals; as well as a bioacoustics labs where we house grey seals, cormorants and harbour porpoises.

Volunteering at the project

  • assisting in daily research sessions and training sessions with the 2 grey seals, 2 cormorants, and 2 turtles
  • assisting in the daily animal care and husbandry of the animals
  • cleaning and maintenance of the animal areas and facilities
  • the volunteers will be put through a training regime in learning animal behavior, behavior modification, and animal training
  • the volunteers will also learn about the bioacoustics, psychophysics, and testing paradigms
  • as a volunteer on this project, you will be living with a Danish host family.

Volunteer profile

  • people with a biology or psychology background, or people with animal experience.
  • all interested person will be openly considered with a special focus on motivation for learning and strong work ethic

Marine Biological Research Centre, SDU
Hindsholmvej 11, 5300 Kerteminde


PIC number: 999904616

Next volunteer period: 01/09/2022-31/08/2023
Deadline for application: 01/04/2022
Number of volunteers: 1