Description of the Project

Trampoline Houseis a community center that works to include asylum seekers, refugees and immigrants into Danish society. We believe every human being needs a place to learn and socialize and this is best done through a friendly environment and contact with Danes and practical democratic processes.

One of our target groups is asylum seekers, and we also welcome refugees and immigrants, who may be new to Danish society and culture. In Trampoline House both adults and children can enjoy a break from daily life, learn and play in a friendly environment. Every week an activity program is published, which include a range of regular activities such as vocational training, workshops on art, democracy, the Danish asylum system, journalism and language classes. Language lessons are taught in both Danish, English, French but also in other languages. Besides the regular activities pop-up lectures and events also take place.

The tasks and activities of the volunteer will be agreed according to the specific needs of Trampoline House and will be planned in accordance. However, we have a number of volunteers and interns and we ask volunteers to commit themselves to approx. 20 hours a week for at least 6-12 months.


Skyttegade 3, 2200 København N
Instagram: @trampolinehouse

PIC number: 941043755
EI reference number: 2015-1-DK01-KA110-015442

Next volunteer period: N/A
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