Description of the Project

Skovvangskolen is at public school offering primary and secondary education for children from age 6-16; Kindergarden-9th grade. The school has 540 students in 26 ordinary classes and 70 students in the schools 10 special classes, which is for students with low IQ and specific difficulties like ADHD. The school is located in Aarhus, which is the second biggest city in Denmark, with approx. 300.000 inhabitants. Aarhus is situated on the east coast of Jutland, and any other part of the country is within easy reach by public transport.

The school aims to develop its students both socially and academically in a close cooperation with the local youth clubs, where many of the students spend their afternoons. The school has a focus on building bonds between all of its students, so that everyone feels like a part of the community. To achieve this goal, the school is working with early intervention programs in cooperation with other local authorities, focus on language acquisition in the pedagogical practices and building a bridge to the labour market and further education for the students finishing their compulsory school.

Volunteering at the project

  • Activities in this project will vary depending on the volunteer’s background, experiences and wishes
  • The volunteer will mainly be involved at the school, but there will also be areas and tasks assigned to the local youth club
  • The volunteer will be involved with the foreign language class as a language assistant and as a guest teacher
  • If the volunteer has specific skills like a native language that isn´t represented at the school, we would like to give our students the opportunity to learn the language
  • As a volunteer on this project, you will be living with a Danish host family

Volunteer profile

  • Preferably either German or French as either mother tongue or second-language. General language capabilities in English required
  • Motivation – the wish to meet our students and to do a difference for them according to the project
  • Openness – the will to meet the Danish culture and participate in everyday life at the school
  • Responsibility – the volunteer will be a part of the staff at the school, so the volunteer should be prepare for the responsibilities that goes with this
  • Politeness – the volunteer will meet staff, students, and parents in many different situation, where we always expect a professional communication and attitude
  • Initiative – the volunteer is willing to offer her or his skills in different activities
  • Danish law requires that anyone working with children under the age of 16 should have a clean criminal record and no previous convictions where children are involved

Skovvangsvej 150, 8200 Aarhus N.

PIC number: 921470416

Next volunteer period: N/A
Deadline for application: N/A
Number of volunteers: N/A