Description of the Project

The school is located in the little village of Rejsby in Southern Denmark on the west coast of Jutland, just 5 km from Wadden Sea National Park and 45km from the German border.

Currently, the school has room for 139 students with a fairly equal balance between girls and boys. The students come from a variety of backgrounds both financially, socially and academically and all are welcome to apply to the school for the 9th or 10th grade. The students live and study at the school for one year only.

The students must understand that they will be living away from home for the most part of a year and are expected to participate in a small community, where teamwork is very important considering that the students live, work, clean and eat together at the school.

Volunteering at the project

  • The volunteer is expected to play a vital role in the “efterskole” community and quickly develop a personal, yet professional relationship with the students
  • The school is built on openness, friendliness, tolerance and shared responsibility
  • The volunteer will be involved in the areas of the curriculum that are relevant to their key skillset, either linguistically, artistically, or socially.
  • The volunteer will be offered the same learning possibilities of any trainee teacher with regards to pedagogy and didactics
  • Any volunteer will be provided with constant support and advice

Volunteer profile

  • Over the age of 20
  • Motivated, adaptable and flexible
  • Previous experience working with children
  • Previous teaching experience is highly recommended
  • Interest in foreign languages
  • In the effort to create an international enviroment for the students a volunteer from Spain or Eastern Europe is preferred

The interviews will be conducted in English in person or via Skype


Rejsby European Efterskole
Kogsvej 3, Rejsby, 6780 Skærbæk
Instagram: @rejsbyefterskole

PIC number: 946611652
EI reference number: 2015-1-DK01-KA110-004134

Next volunteer period: N/A
Deadline for application: N/A
Number of volunteers: N/A