Description of the Project

Kontakt mellem Mennesker Contact between People is a volunteer association, whose mission consists of building a strong, visible and diverse civil society. The organization is a space where anyone can make a voluntary contribution, seek help and support, and be part ofmeaningful communities – regardless of age, ethnicity, disability or social status. There are several areas in the organisation: volunteer center, self-help, anonymous volunteer counseling, community of interest projects and charity shop. At this association, we help many different types of people, for example, people who are going through a life crisis or marginalized persons with a non-Danish ethnic background.

Kontakt mellem Mennesker works to enhance solidarity between people, while respecting their cultures and their traditions, and aims to build a community of shared responsibilities and mutual support. We believe that all people can make meaningful contributions to society e.g. through engaging in volunteer work or taking part in different communities.

Volunteering at the project

  • The volunteer will work with their staff and ca. 100 volunteers to discuss and initiate activities for people who want a volunteer job or who need help to get on with their lives.
  • The volunteer will also contribute to the planning of activities, projects and running a large volunteer house for our city’s social associations.
  • The volunteer’s concrete tasks/projects will depend on their competences and interests. Tasks could be, for example:
    • Reception function, where you greet people and associations needing help
    • Participation in marketing our programs (PR, distribution of materials, social media, trade fairs)
    • Participant or project leader on your own project/activity (for ex. party for volunteers, workshops for associations, international café)
    • Function as handyman/woman (for ex. preparation/arrangement of meeting rooms, meeting planning)

Volunteer profile

  • Proactive and strong on taking initiative
  • Able to speak and write English
  • A keen interest in the areas with which Kontakt mellem Mennesker works: promoting volunteerism, community work, supporting other NGOs and the establishment of communities of interest
  • An open mind towards people of all ages, nationalities and backgrounds
  • Knowledge of IT

Frivilligcenter Sydfyn Kontakt mellem Mennesker
Havnegade 3, 5700 Svendborg

PIC number: N/A

Next volunteer period: N/A
Deadline for application: N/A
Number of volunteers: N/A