As a volunteer in Denmark, the local branch is a good place to get some friends and a community of other volunteers and young Danish people.

Dansk ICYE has six local branches. Are you unsure of the local branch you are connected to? You can get an overview on our map.

The local branches can be reached though Facebook or through their email address. Some local branches also use Instagram.

It can be a good idea to follow the main Dansk ICYE page as general information about the organisation is shared here. You can also find all the local branches’ activities collected in the calendar for the main ICYE page. Maybe there is an activity in a nearby local branch you would like to participate in.

You should also follow the page of your local branch, so you are aware of all events coming up.

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Dansk ICYE Activity Exchange is a Facebook group made to help you find interesting activities to participate in all over Denmark.

Active Danish members of Dansk ICYE will add events to the group and you should feel free to share events too! This can be events in the local branches of Dansk ICYE or simply fun events happening around the country, that would be of interest to volunteers and active members of Dansk ICYE.

You can also use the group to get in contact with other volunteers if you want to meet up, need a sofa to sleep on in another city, or need recommendations of what to do in other cities.

Join the activity group on facebook

Google Map

Want to know where the other volunteers currently in Denmark is located?

We have made an interactive Google Map, which pins down where all volunteers are living.
The pins mark the volunteer’s project and not the place they live, however, it still gives you a good idea of which area they live in.

If the volunteer has chosen to share their full name, a photo and contact information for the purpose of this map, you will be able to see this on the pin.

Go to the map