Description of the project

In the town of Malling, close to the 2017 European Cultural Capital, Aarhus, you find this “efterskole” – Danish boarding school.

Each “efterskole” chooses its own profile and an area on which it will focus its teaching, in addition to the compulsory subjects. Beside main school subjects Danish, Math, English, German, Physics, Sports, our school has 3 creative subjects of which students choose. These are Dance, Theatre and Music. Students are also introduced to a number of creative subjects.
Efterskolen for Scenekunst´s founding values are based upon Grundtvig/Kold social-cultural values, whose general principles are general education, co-existence and enlightenment for life, with emphasis on putting historical, political and cultural issues into context. Pupil´s participation in the cultural debate is also seen as an important part of the individual´s personal development.

The foundations of the community at the school are built upon openness, friendliness, tolerence and shared responsibility. Participation in this mini-society aims to build relationships as well as further awareness and understanding of others. We work from a positive appreciation of our humanity. This means that we recognize you as a person – and that we have confidence that you will want to actively take part in the school’s community.

One thing that is unique about the “Efterskole” is the teacher-student relationship. The teacher is responsible for both teaching and supervision outside of school hours. This means that teachers and students are together all day from the time the students wake up until they go to bed. This often engenders a close, personal and non-formal relationship between students and teachers.

Volunteer profile

  • strongly interested in theatre, music, or dance
  • interested in learning the school’s teaching methods and school system
  • interested in sharing their culture as well as learning about the Danish lifestyle and society

Volunteering at Efterskolen for Scenekunst

  • volunteers will have the status of assistant teachers in different classes according to their interests and skills
  • volunteers will carry same duties as members of staff, such as
    • morning, evening and weekend duties
    • arranging extra curricular activities for the students
  • volunteers will live together in a family sized house of 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom on the school grounds
  • meals will be provided via the school’s kitchen

Starupvej 20, 8340 Malling

PIC number:
EI reference number: N/A

Next volunteer period: 11 August 2018 – 30 June 2019
Deadline for application: 18th March 2018
Number of volunteers: 2
Valid age: 22+

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Send your application to [email protected]