– Work together, learn together, support each other

A strategic EVS-project from 2017 – 2020, founded by Erasmus+

Our CONNECTEU-volunteers

This year Dansk ICYE receives two volunteers for CONNECTEU.
One volunteer is working at a living community for people with disabilities, while the other is working at a nursing home for the elderly.


The overall aim of our project is to strengthen the vision of solidarity and solidary actions on a personal and interpersonal, as well as local, national, and European level, in the same sense as the German sociologist Alfred Vierkandt (1867-1953) has defined solidarity: “Solidarity is the attitude/mindset of a society with a strong inner connectedness (…) solidarity is a sense of belonging together, which is able to be become practical/active and should become so.” (citied according to Herbert Rebscher: Gesundheitsökonomie und Gesundheitspolitik: im Spannungsfeld zwischen Wissenschaft und Politikberatung. Economica, 2006, 2.1, S. 143).
To achieve this aim, 6 participating organizations from 6 different countries (Austria, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Italy and Turkey) plan to do a simultaneous exchange, where each country receives and sends volunteers to and from every partner organization: We create a net around Europe.
In two rounds, 2018 and 2019, we send / host approx. 40 volunteers within this partnership for 10-12 months. Connected to their daily taskes, the volunteers are supposed to create individual actions and projects to promote, express and discuss about European Solidarity in their local community.
The simultaneity and commonality of this strategic EFD combined with the own projects and the pedagogic support will strengthen internationalization as well as a sustainable and lasting learning experience on various levels within the participants. The presence and visibility of the EFD in total will be strengthened.

Partner countries



Denmark: Dansk ICYE

Dansk ICYE, International Cultural Youth Exchange, is an international exchange organization for young people between the ages of 18 and 30. We are an independent and non-profit organization founded in 1972. As a nonprofit organization it is not our purpose to ear money on our work and a big part of our work is carried out by volunteer members, who either have travelled with Dansk ICYE, is a host familie or in another way interested in the cultural meeting between people. Dansk ICYE is part of the international exchange network ICYE that have national organizations in more than 40 countries between Africa, Europe, Asia, Oceania and North, South and Central America. Every year we serve as a sending organization for around 150 young Danes and at the same time we receive around 55 volunteers from our foreign partners. The idea with this reciprocity, where we help both Danes to go out on exchange and at the same time provides the possibility for people from other nationalities to come to Denmark, is that all young people – from north or south and from east to west – shall have the possibility to participate in the cultural meeting between people. The fundament in ICYE’s programs is that volunteers are staying at local hostfamilies and volunteer at a local project. For many years young people have helped others and put their mark on families, projects and organizations all over the world through these programs.



Germany: VIA e. V.

With VIA e. V. young people can engage in voluntary services worldwide. Founded in 1992, VIA is now offering longtime volunteering services in different social and pedagogical fields. We are sending volunteers abroad and we are happy that we can host more international volunteers each year in Germany. For all our volunteering programs we are offering pedagogical trainings as well as individual support for our participants. Beside the volunteering programs we are offering internships in different fields. Intercultural exchange means sharing experiences, it promotes tolerance and intensifies solidarity in a globalised world. We are a non profit association without attachment to a political party or religious denomination.

Italy: Scambieuropei

The cultural organization Scambieuropei was established in 2009 with the main purpose of finding opportunities for young Italian people to experience European (or extra-European) mobility, through the promotion of youth exchanges, volunteering, job offers, scholarships and internships. Scambieuropei came into existence as a solution to a lack of access to information. It is an open space where young people can find free end edited information in order to gain new skills, foster their employability or simply have a sharp look on Europe. Scambieuropei is nowadays a cultural association dedicated to youth and their training and educational needs. We undertake several initiatives promoting and enhancing active European citizenship, intercultural communication, social integration, media and journalism. We are an accredited organization as sending, coordinating and hosting since 2010, developing during the years several projects and initiatives.
Besides the mobility activities involving young people and youth workers, Scambieuropei hosts and coordinates mobility projects for VET learners (Erasmus+ Program) and also collaborates with some institutions working under the German volunteering service called “FSJ”.
Since 2013 Scambieuropei has its main operational office in Bologna (via Lanzarini 11).


Atakum Municipality with the support of 18 October 2003 was established in the district of Samsun Atakum Pinhole Youth Center continues its activities as a space in which young people perform themselves. Especially young people; Able to produce both the service and the service they can get, they can express themselves, to develop their creativity, they can create a social environment in which they can develop their interests, is working as an area where they can experience the culture of living with differences. Centers in workshops, courses, informative activities, counseling, voluntary work, social activities, local studies, national and international activities are held in many areas.