Description of the project

Bustrup Dagskole (Bustrup Day School) is looking for volunteers for a duration of 6 – 9 months with a working time of 30-35 hours a week. We are situated in the countryside in a beautiful landscape and our volunteers should also like to live away from the city with outdoor activities every day as well as sports.

We are looking for people who are 18-30 years of age, speaking good English and have a genuine interest in climate and ecology questions. We are looking for people who like to share life and work with like-minded people, who are willing to take up challenges, working in after-school programs with youngsters with special needs, building up friendships and working with both mind and hands in our Garden Farming, husbandry and information work in the community.

Bustrup Dagskole is running a café in the Danish summer where lots of people visit every day. We imagine that volunteers coming in the summer should help running the café together with staff and students from our Day School. Bustrup Dagskole is also running a fitness centre and a gallery and here there will also be tasks together with students and teachers.

At our school centre we practice a strict no alcohol and no drugs policy. Our teenage students are vulnerable youngsters and come from various difficult backgrounds. We do not permit any alcohol or drugs at our school.

Bustrup School Center is looking for volunteers who want to take part in the “Change Generation”. People (18 – 30 year of age) who want to dedicate some of their time and life for learning and acting to reduce and mitigate the effects of climate change. People, who enjoy being part of an international community and enjoy working with head and hands. People who want to improve their English skills and learn numerous other skills. People who want to learn about pedagogy and teaching in theory and practice.

Volunteer profiles

  • aged 18 to 30
  • a background as: youth workers, teachers, pedagogues, craftsmen and –women, builders, sports instructors, health and social workers, unemployed people, or students
  • strong interest in: dissemination of climate knowledge, hands-on work in an organic garden, supporting vulnerable young people
  • having a basic knowledge of English


  • interviews will be conducted via Skype

The volunteers live, learn and work together at Bustrup School Center. The volunteers have a mentor – or a teacher. Each module – mostly a week at a time – has its own headline, introduction, theory, and practice. Each module is evaluated by each participant and by the group as well. The mentor will call the volunteers for meetings to discuss and evaluate and guide the different challenges in the daily programs – formal as well as informal learning. The volunteer writes a midway report. The mentor writes a final report on each volunteer’s achievements.

Learning outcomes
Participants should be opopen-mindednd communicative from the beginning. The learning will be learning-by-doing. At Bustrup School Center, the volunteers will experience team work with international colleagues, networking skills, working with deadlines and reports, sharing life conditions and responsibilities and building Best Buddy relations with youngsters with special needs. Through the program the participants will improve and learn the following: written and spoken English, pedagogy skills, knowledge about the World, Knowledge about global warming and climate change, project management, skills like carpentry, building, cultivation, animal care, cooking, and cleaning, cooperation skills, learning to speak in front of many people, cultural skills like singing, playing theater, and painting posters, economy, and physical exercise.

The school has a strict no alcohol/no drugs policy.

Bustrup Hovedgaard
Sønder Lemvej 3, 7860 Spøttrup

Next volunteer period: 1st September 2021 – 30th June 2021
Deadline for application: 1st March 2021
Number of volunteers: N/A

PIC number: N/A

Send your application to [email protected]